Friday, November 6, 2009

Scribe Post for November 5, 2009

Hello, this is Melanie (: I'm today's scribe, and I hope you'll learn from the information below (;

We had an ordinary day, like usual. The guys were doing the robot stuff, the the girls were doing their presentation research.

Honestly, I'm really behind on my work, so I'm trying super hard to catch up.

For almost three classes, I just realized (I mean, Mr.B realized) that I was researching on a website that was way off my grade level. So... he showed me this other one, that made way more sense that the previous one. Thanks Mr.B (;

By the way, I'm researching on the Indian Civilization.
Well, these are some things I learned in class today:

1. The Harappans were the first "known" people to use numbers (3000 BC).
(HINT-HINT: I put "known" in quotation marks, because that's all the information we have so far. So, there is a possibility that there were earlier people that have used numbers, but we don't have any proof of it being recorded.)

a) Around 3000 BC, people in India began using the "counting tokens" that people were "already" using in West Asia.
(HINT-HINT: The people in India didn't invent the counting tokens.)

b) "Counting Tokens" are clay tokens, of many different shapes and sizes, that represent something.

eg. a little clay ball = pig
a little clay pyramid = chicken

2 little clay balls and 5 little clay pyramids = 2 pigs and 5 chickens

Well, those are only some facts. I'm going to continue my research, and hopefully you'll understand my presentation later on.
And sorry that there aren't any pictures. It just won't let me drag them to their right place.

If you still don't understand, or you want to find more information about the above, click here.

Thanks for checking out my scribe, and please leave a comment.
By the way, for the next scribe, I choose Muriel (:

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