Monday, November 16, 2009

Scribe Post For November 16,2009

Hello guys,this is Bea and I'm going to show you how the Aztecs math works.

While researching for Aztecs math I found it very unique because they used the system that included of hearts, hands and arrows they used this for recording numbers of members of the family and the amount of land they owned.

The study of these Hyroglyphic record shows that the Aztecs have their own calculating system help them figure out how many area of land the person owned and package that trust on a basic unit of distance measurement and smaller units shown by drawings of hands, hearts and arrows.

In Aztec their math is very important because they used their math every day,they used their calendar as we do,important to record like their hearts and arrows.

here's their calendar

Their calendar is very unique compare to our calendar.To measure tracts of taxable land,Aztec mathematicians had to develop their own specialized arithmetic,which has now been decoded.

Although their math is unique they have a numeration system like we do.

This is how their numeration system looks like.

Thank you,and hope you enjoy my scribe and at the same time i hope you learn something about Aztecs mathematics.

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