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Scribe Post for Nov. 02, 2009

Heey! Today Im going to talk about Greeks and their math.

Here it goes ..


Did you guys know that the word "mathematics" itself derives from the Ancient Greek word "mathema", meaning "subject of instruction". The study of mathematics for its own sake and the use of generalized mathematical theories and proofs is the key difference between Greek mathematics and those of preceding civilization.

Greeks had very clumsy ways of writing down numbers, they didn't like algebra. They found it very hard to write down equations or number problems. Instead, Greeks mathematicians were more focused on geometry, and used geometric methods to solve problems that you might use algebra for.

Greek mathematicians were also very interested in proving that certain mathematical ideas were true. So they spent a lot of time using geometry to prove that things were always true, even though people like the Egyptians and Babylonians already knew that they were true most of the time anyway.

Here are some of the Greek mathematicians :

  • Pythagoras

  • Aristotle

  • Thales

  • Archimedes

  • Anaxagoras

  • Euclid

  • Aristarchus

Greek mathematics constitutes a major period in the history of mathematics, fundamental in respect of geometry and the idea of formal proof. Greek mathematics also contributed importantly to ideas on number theory, mathematical analysis, applied mathematics, and, at times, approached close to integral calculus.

Thats all the information that I've got and Ive learned about my research. Hope you guys learned something too. Sorry for the mistakes. I choose MELANIE DALIGDIG to be the next scribe ;)

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