Thursday, October 1, 2009

Assignment One

Here is the assignment notes for all the students who will be doing a presentation.
1. Choose a civilization from early times like: Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans, Indians, Sumerians,Aztecs, ...
2. Create notes that will answer the folowing questions:
a. where or when was the math originally invented?
b. how did te civilization know their math was important?
c. what was the purpose of the math?
d. how were the numbers developed? What did they look like?
e. did they use any operations in their math?
f. did the math spread? Do we use it today?
g. which segment of the civilization used the numbers/math?
h. did theyhave laws of math? what might they have been?
i. what is the first evidence of math in the civilization?
j. if the civilization had not invented or used math, how would it have affected our civilization?

3. You will need to create a power point presentation that will include the following items:
A map of the area that the civilization flourished, a picture or diagram of any of the numbers that the civilization used, any other relevant pictures that you can think of, answer the questions above and any other questions you came across,be able to present your findings to the class.

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