Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to 2010 Enriched Math

Welcome to enrichd math 2010. Your first project will answer and include the answers to the following questions. Remember to include a source when you use any informatin from it. Do not copy word for word and do not use words you do not understand.
Any questions see me. Thankyou.

How and when did the civilization invent their symbols?
What did the numerals look like?zero?
How did the civilization choose the symbol to represent a numeral?
Why did the civilization develop a numeral system?
How did the civilization benefit from their numeral system?
What sounds were associated with their symbols?
Did the civilization use equipment for their math? How?
What operations did they use? For what?
What was the largest number possible in a civilizations numeral system?
How were numerals used when trading amongst cultures?

Remember to include: name of system, base, symbols, symbol for zero, place value, and principles needed to write numerals with examples.

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